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Changing corporate culture

The corporate culture is key to any change in the company. Whether you are planning digitization or the introduction of agile structures and processes.

Corporate culture can only be changed top-down. Mindful Leadership Culture is the starting point for your cultural transformation.

We support you with:


Together with the experts from Emotion Banking, we create a scientifically sound "online-based" analysis of your corporate culture based on the dimensions: 

  • Sense 

  • Energy

  • Vigour  

  • Outcome

This will quickly give you a clear picture of the the present corporate culture in your company.

Analysis corporate culture
With mindfulness the adaptation of the corporate culture succeeds more effortlessly
wertekultur unternehmenskultur.png

Mindfulness based transformation processes

Transformation corporate culture

Your team is blocking change?

A cultural change does not succeed with cognitive mind alone, also heart and spirit must be addressed.

achtsamkeitsbasierte Transformationsproz

The challenge is the solution

With mindfulness at yourself and in your team, you will work with me to prepare the foundations on which the corporate culture will grow.

How can you sustainably integrate changes in your team or company?

Our Approach

IIn a multi-stage mindfulness-based transformation process, we determine together with you and your team.

  • Meaning and purpose

  • Mission

  • Values

  • Spirit

In this way, we involve the heads, hearts and minds of those involved equally. This makes the change in corporate culture more effortless and really sustainable.

Risk culture -
can also be innovative!
Characteristics of a risk culture

A risk culture is characterized by people who are risk-conscious, but not paralyzed by regulations, and who are innovative and creative.

Designing risk culture

Our Approach

By increasing mindfulness, aspects of cooperation can not only be improved, but actively used.


These include, but are not limited to:

  • Risk perception

  • Decision-making behaviour 

  • Open communication 


If these parameters are recognized proactively, you can contribute to a positive design of the risk culture and strengthen cooperation. 

Are you interested?

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Do you already know?

Corporate culture ist he software of your company. That’s why your leadership focus should be there.

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